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Now At Mademoiselle North Location. Robotic Toning Chairs
Try the new Concept ERG/SKI Machine. Voted the #1 Cardio machine. A few minutes on this machine will make your whole body burn!!
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Whether you already row or are considering rowing to keep in shape, lose weight, cross-train for another sport, compete on the water or rehabilitate from injury or surgery, rowing is the complete exercise for you. Your whole body gets a complete workout from the efficient, rhythmic motion of rowing--arms, legs, chest, back, abs.
Massage chairs added. Full recline 
feels great to the back legs and feet!
Freemotion Incline trainer added. 
Up to 30% incline. Try this for a great workout!

New @ Mademoiselle

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Vibration Trainers Now @ Mademoiselle
89 Degree warm water pools
Whirlpool Steam & Red Light Sauna
Shapemaster Toning Tables From England
Class schedule Mademoiselle North location In The Pool
New at Mademoiselle The Abcoaster CTL!
​A great way to firm and tighten those abs. Over the next several weeks new equipment will be arriving at Mademoiselle SO GET READY!
The equipment is motorized to mechanically induce gentle, repetitive isokinetic motion. Each Chair focuses on a different group of muscles. Using a chair for 6 minutes allows the muscle groups to contract about 100 times, providing a corresponding relaxation in the opposing muscles (muscles work in pairs).
 All movements are provided equally on both sides of the body, balancing the common tendency to favor one side of the body (usually the writing hand side). The continuous, smooth, controlled movements gently tone and firm and improve localized blood and lymphatic circulation.
 The repetitive stretching movements progressively lengthen muscles, flex joints and rotate through a full range of motion. The rhythmic motion alleviates tension and generates a feeling of well-being.
NORTH LOCATION    848-1199
2950 NW 63rd ST ( N. MAY AT NW 63rd )
Now Open Sunday 8:30am To 2:00pm