Employee Wellness

See for yourself if Mademoiselle's wellness plan can work for you.  Please contact us for all the details and benefits of implementing a Fitness/Wellness program for your company.

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Want to implement a wellness program for your business, sports team, church, social club or other organization? 
We can customize a group package specific to the needs of  your group.   All it takes is at least 4 members to join at once to receive all the benefits and price reductions of the Mademoiselle Group Wellness Plan.  

Mademoiselle participates in many corporate wellness programs.  
Check your employee benefits package to see if we are listed.  If you don't have your employee benefits package handy call the gym at (405) 848-1199 and we will confirm if Mademoiselle is partnered with your company and give you details on how to redeem your benefit.   
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Group Wellness

Some of our Fitness Partners