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We here alot about miracle "cures" for weight loss, From drops under the tongue, herbs, patches for the skin, Not to mention pills pills and even some more pills. WOW what people will do to "try" to lose weight. Weight loss gadgits, rubs drops and pills are over a billion dollar a year business. We live in a time where most of us can not always eat fresh fruit and veggies, and exercise... jumping jacks and push ups?
The gimmicks sound a little easier. But, I know they dont work for most of us, they seem to only work for the people selling them on the commercials.

  Sometimes we just dont realize the smallest changes can make a difference!

Your body uses food for energy. It stores any excess energy as fat. This means if you eat more food than your body needs for daily activities and cell maintenance, you'll gain weight. To lose weight, you need to get your body to use up these stores of fat. The most effective way to do this is to:
reduce the amount of calories you eat and 
increase your levels of activity. 
This is why experts talk about weight loss in terms of diet and exercise.
Increase your activity levels
Someone who increases the amount they exercise, but maintains the same diet and calorie intake, will almost certainly lose weight.
even light exercise, such as Toning Tables, will be beneficial if done most days of the week.
 Every single time you exercise more than usual, you burn calories and fat.
There are lots of ways to increase the amount of activity you do. aerobics classes, running, walking on a treadmill, swimming and even little sweat will all improve your fitness levels.

Swimming is a good fitness choice for just about everyone, especially those who have psysical limitations or who find other forms of exercise painful. Water reduces body weight by 90%. "WOW" talk about feeling like a kid again! 
Swimming also uses every muscle group in the body. Swimming itself may be the the "PERFECT EXERCISE" 
We offer all kinds of swimming classes and offer free swim fitness so you can exercise at your own pace. You can build a routine by yourself or have one of our fitness trainers help design a custom program for you. At Mademoiselle we are for Ladies only, No men in the pool swimming laps and playing frisbee or kids splashing and fighting. Just Women all with the same goal!

It might take a week or two before you notice any changes, but they will steadily appear. After the first month you'll be able to see the results and measure them in terms of looser fitting clothes.
Keeping your motivation up is one of the most difficult aspects of dieting. There will be days when healthy eating goes out the window, and there will be weeks where you may not lose any weight – or put a little back on.
This is normal for everyone – dieters or not – so don't let it undo your plans for a slimmer you. You're not doing anything 'wrong', but you may need to look at your plan. Do you need to increase your activity levels? Make a few more changes to your diet? Put more effort into sticking to your current plan?
The other side of this is to make sure you celebrate your goals. While there's joy enough in stepping on the scales and seeing them dip lower, be sure to mark long-term progress with a reward – such as new clothes or time off from your daily routine.

We won't promise 100lbs lost in 30 days. That's just not right, but, we are here to help. We dont sell herbal pills, magic elixirs, patches or rub on cream. Just Fitness, fun and a great place for all women to work out and lose weight.      

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